Refunds & Returns

If at any point you feel our products & services have not met your standards of satisfaction, then continue reading to learn how to go about it. Upon receiving your order, we advise that you take special care and attention to the contents delivered and contact us if there is a problem. Should any issues occur, whether it is our services or the treatments themselves, customers are responsible for reporting to us within 7 days of delivery. All claims made after this timeframe will not be accepted.

Be advised to pay close attention to directions & knowledge given to understand our way of handling refundable requests and the return of orders. If you choose to send a requisition of return on any purchased products from our online platform, please contact our customer support team. For any clients who receive the wrong product than what was asked, we ask that you take a picture of the medication, the envelope it came in, and the tracking number. This will enable us to validate and verify the claim and compare it to our dispatched records.

Upon verifying genuine claims, our dispatch manager will resend the products ordered. Unfortunately, our customers are not eligible for a refund or able to return any orders that were misplaced, broken, damaged, or incomplete.

Return Goods Policy

We do not accept any deliveries that have been returned to sender. Once they have left our distribution facility and have been received by the order recipient, they can no longer be returned. This goes by the international laws that ensure our integrity to provide good purchases for our clients using our platform.

Anyone who has a concern with our goods is requested to urgently contact us. This action can be executed using our contact us page, where you will find our information to reach us directly. We are not able to accept the return of any order and ask patients to dispose of their medications responsibly.

Refund Policy

Once payment has been completed, we will not be able to offer any refunds for any of our products. All unpaid orders will be automatically cancelled after 7 days. If an order does not come on the expected day of delivery or time, please inform us and allow us more time to have your parcel delivered. Usually, these delays happen for reasons out of our control, which include a high volume of orders, delays to our supply chain, or weather conditions. All inquiries concerning your delivery should be referred to our customer service team for a status update.

Cancellation Policy

All orders made but not attached with payments given to us will automatically be cancelled. If customers accidentally order a medication they did not want and would like to cancel, then you should contact us immediately. There is a potential to be able to stop the order before the payment is made. Once your payment is received for an order, we can no longer cancel it.

Chargeback Policy

We do not allow any chargebacks under any circumstances. Chargebacks done against our company will be contested and may result in legal action. Our customer support team is available 24-hours a day, every day of the week and will assist you with any issues. We hold the right to refuse our services and products to any customer that fails to comply with these terms and has previously submitted a chargeback to our payment processor.

Even if the chargeback was made on another website, we could still refuse our services. Patients who reach out to us via email will receive a response within 24-hours of their inquiry. Calling our hotline will give you a faster response since our team is available around the clock.

Additional Information

If you have any more comments, questions, or concerns regarding our products or services, please contact us using our contact details on our website, For patients who want more information about our medications available online, please refer to our FAQ section, which provides all details per product. All claims made against our website will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Carefully read our policies to avoid making a claim, but if you do, we will resolve all issues expeditiously.

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