Terms and Conditions

First, let us thank you for showing interest in our services and welcome you to our website. Before moving forward and placing an order for one of our products, we advise you to carefully read over all the terms and conditions that we will outline in this section. All of our customers must be over the age of 18 years in order to use our products and services. When using our online pharmacy, you agree to follow these ramifications that are set in place. If you find in any way you do not agree with our business services or products, then please refrain from using our site to purchase any medication.

Information Usage

Using our good faith and knowledge, we provide our clients with the best and most current information. However, we will not be held accountable if the information offered is not specifically accurate. There are certain cases where new discoveries have been made, making our recent updated information no longer current but outdated.

The information we give is offered for the general public and not to replace professional medical advice. Our information pages cannot be used to diagnose yourself with any type of disease or medical condition. Our data is used to help you medicate yourself responsibly. This is why it is essential to thoroughly read and apply the provided instructional information given for each treatment.

Account Details

Patients do not need personal accounts to access our products and services. Customers are allowed to complete their orders by providing accurate and current addresses, email, and telephone numbers. In addition to the agreement, patients will need to include all updated changes to their personal information before placing their new order.

By doing this, we are capable of providing our clients with great service that can be expected every time. We cannot be held accountable when there is incorrect information used or for the delays that may ensue as a result. Additionally, we will not be able to process any order that has an incorrect billing or delivery address or if you have an expired card.

Price Changes

There are multiple factors that are involved when deciding to price our products accordingly. These include the costs to acquire the medicine, the cost of daily operations, or just staff salaries. Others include rent for an appropriate storage room and overall general maintenance. If at any point these factors were to change, our expenses would have to adjust, and so would our product prices, unfortunately. We are not responsible for any financial loss associated with these changes and have the right to alter or update our prices without offering our clients prior notice.

Access to our Services

Usually, our site at will always be available for use. However, we have every right to disallow the use of our services to be available at any given time, for any length, and for any reason we find suitable. Furthermore, by using this site, you adhere to and accept this highly unlikely risk involved. You will not be enabled to hold us responsible for any loss or damage that may be incurred due to interrupted service.

Legal Disclaimer

We cannot be held responsible for any patient financial loss, damage, or personal injury as a result of our products & services. When you choose to use the available services that we offer online, you agree to all our terms and conditions and accept any possible risks. We additionally do not offer any warranties on our products.

We also reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time as well, so it is important to always review them when entering our platform. Alterations may have been made since the last time you visited our website. We also have the right to amend errors on our page when they have occurred. We are excluded from any legal ramifications for mistakes, factual inaccuracies, or typographical errors.

We do have a frequently asked questions page for additional information that we advise you to take a look over for added clarity. Still, if there are questions that we have not answered or outlined on either page, feel free to contact us at any time, whether by email or to one of our agents.

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