The Information We Collect

Collecting your IP address is a part of the process while using our website, which we use to get details regarding the pages you visit. This method is important to us because we use such information to identify the type of device you use to access our site. This helps us learn more about the audience who uses our services and allows us to better cater to their specific needs.

Other information that we gather is completely voluntary and given by our users, such as reviews and the details necessary to use our site and its services. For example, the data you input to create an account, like your full name, address, as well as a valid email or telephone number, are all given by you freely.

What we do with the Information We Collect

Both the information you offer to us and the data we collect separately are all safeguarded within our database. Without legal reason, your information shall never be leaked to outsiders or intruders. This information is helpful in many ways like fulfilling orders, processing purchases, and complying with our company regulations.

The only information shared is that which is necessary for a third party to carry out the delivery service. Even then, we only provide them with the information that is absolutely required to complete their duties because your information is protected by us. In addition, other businesses who operate with us receive certain information to not accuse us of fraudulent claims. To protect ourselves fully, we give your information as required to comply with all laws and regulations of doing business online.

Our commitment to Security

Every user can rest assured that we will safeguard any information regarding our clients. Here, you can read over a summary of important tasks and every aspect of our privacy policy. Carefully read over all given information to learn more about how we collect and use the information provided. We frequently do change our privacy policy due to the need to stay within the legal boundaries given. We advise you to often update your knowledge of our privacy policy since it changes regularly.

With our acquired state-of-the-art technology, we can fully protect and ensure the information we get keeps our security on a high level. The information you give us and the data we collect from visitors get encrypted immediately from when it is gathered. We do this using a secure socket layer (SSL) which keeps the communication between your device and our site impenetrable.

Links to 3rd Parties

Our entire website will offer multiple links that will transfer you to another third-party website. Even though these links are on our website, it does not mean we adhere to the personal privacy policies they have, and the same goes for them towards us. Please be advised that our site can transfer you to their website, but this does not mean we approve of their policies because their procedures will likely differ from our own. So before providing any information to one of these external sites, ensure that you first read their privacy policies.

Why We Use Cookies

Like most online businesses, our site does use cookies to help us better your experience. A cookie is a tiny text file placed on your hard drive. It is too small to take up significant space, but its purpose is to help, not abuse. The purpose of a cookie is to generally just collect conduct data from our customers.

None of your personal information will be collected into a cookie, nor is it anything like spyware, so no stress is necessary. We use cookies to help us create an experience that can be personalised per user. However, you have the option to change your settings and disallow cookies to be placed on your device. Doing so will disable certain functions intended for use on our website.

Contact Details

We value our customers and will safeguard their privacy to the best of our abilities. Furthermore, your feedback is happily accepted and requested. Please contact us using your email with the attached comments or inquiries you may have. Any email received by us will get a response within 24-hours. If you seek medication or additional details, please go to

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