Pay with Bitcoin and Receive Free Pills & Shipping

You can buy Bitcoin easily with both Visa or MasterCard and receive bonus pills free and free delivery!

Purchase 30, 60 or 90 pills to Get 20 for Free!
Purchase 120, 150, or 180 pills to Get 40 for Free!


Bitcoin Explained

Bitcoin is essentially an innovative payment network offering a decentralized currency system that can be transferred without oversight from banks or government.

Purchasing Bitcoin is simple. Creating a Bitcoin wallet is as easy as opening an online bank account such as Starling or Revolut. With a valid ID, an email address and a smart device, it takes just a few minutes.

After completing the 3 steps outlined below, the benefits offered when paying with Bitcoin can be accessed, including free shipping and free pills.

How Do You Create a Bitcoin Wallet?

  • After gathering the required documents (passport or driver's license) make your way over to Coinbase to create your wallet.
  • Follow the steps for the identity verification process. You will then be able to add a Visa or MasterCard payment method to purchase Bitcoin.
  • Begin funding your Bitcoin wallet with whatever cash value you desire by paying with your MasterCard or Visa.

Using Your Bitcoin Wallet

Completing payments with your Bitcoin wallet is simple. Complete your transaction at our online pharmacy as normal, and choose Bitcoin payment at checkout. Once submitted, we will then send an email sharing our Bitcoin wallets unique address. This address can be used to transfer from your wallet to ours to complete payment.

The Benefits of Paying with Bitcoin

Aside from receiving free delivery and pills, paying with Bitcoin makes for an instant transaction that allows us to verify the payment without delay, dispatching your order faster than with bank transfer payments.

Bitcoin offers a high level of discretion. When paying us with Bitcoin, your bank will only see a purchase made with Coinbase to purchase the Bitcoin. Your bank will not see the purchase made with our online pharmacy.

Instructional YouTube videos to Simplify the Process

Thanks to all of the great instructional YouTube channels available today, those struggling to set-up, verify or send payment using their Bitcoin wallet need not worry. We have accumulated a few helpful videos to ease any difficulties customers may have, listed below.

1) How To Create & Verify Coinbase Account Instantly

2) Coinbase Sign Up: How To Create/Open Coinbase Account 2022 (for iPhone)

3) Coinbase Learn: How to send crypto

Are you Still Having Trouble?

For anybody who is still struggling with set-up their Bitcoin wallet, or successfully make a payment, do not worry. Our helpful customer service team is available 24/7 through email or live chat to walk you through the process.

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