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What is Armodafinil?

Armodafinil UK is an oral tablet formulated to treat shift work sleep disorder because it promotes wakefulness. The medication is classified as a nootropic (a cognitive enhancer) and is therefore effective at managing the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as improving memory and concentration.

Manufactured by the pharmaceutical company, Cephalon Inc., one of the most well-known armodafinil brand name medication is Nuvigil. However, as of 2016, the rights to produce the first generic of this nootropic brand were given. Since then, cheaper (yet equally effective) generics have been exported worldwide and sold online. Both versions of this treatment are identical as they contain the same active ingredient (armodafinil) and therefore, they present with the same effectiveness and safety.

What are Nootropics

How Armodafinil UK Works

Armodafinil 150 mg UK is classified as a wakefulness-promoting agent. The medication uses its active ingredient to alter the amounts of certain natural substances in the area of the brain that controls sleep and wakefulness. For the human body to experience feelings of well-being, happiness, or satisfaction, there must be chemical messages transmitted in the brain to produce these perceptions. These messages are transported between nerve cells by substances called neurotransmitters. One of the important neurotransmitters of the nervous system is dopamine.

Dopamine is responsible for producing the feelings mentioned above, but the neurotransmitter is also involved in the sleep-wake cycle (along with serotonin). In addition to our mood, this chemical messenger affects movement, memory, and focus (together with norepinephrine). Nootropics function as dopamine reuptake inhibitors, which block the “reuptake” of this neurotransmitter so there can be high levels of this chemical messenger in the body.

Higher levels mean the neurotransmitter can be present in abundance to increase the feelings of well-being as well as to improve the processes of concentration and memory. This medication is highly effective at working to enhance cognitive ability. The generic of this nootropic is equally as effective as the armodafinil branded medication (such as Artvigil and Waklert) to improve mental abilities. This is because these treatments are bioequivalent.

Armodafinil Dosage Available

The standard dose for treatment of shift work sleep disorder is 150 mg. This is widely used by patients and is considered to be the most common dosage among the adult population. The dose is recommended for once-a-day use and the maximum daily amount is 250 mg. Exceeding the maximum advised dosage places you at risk of experiencing side effects.

For children (or adults) who are using armodafinil for ADHD, a dose ranging from 50 mg to 150 mg can be used depending on the severity of the condition. Other factors to take into account when deciding how much of the medicine to use for ADHD, include the health and age of the patient. This applies when using armodafinil for studying as well.

If you are taking the medication regularly and you forget to take a dose, you should skip the missed dosage. It is not advisable to double your armodafinil dosage to make up for the missed one. You should rather resume your treatment plan by taking the dosage after the forgotten one.

Using armodafinil brand name medication can be expensive, especially when taking the medication on a continued basis. You can, therefore, buy the generic versions to receive the same quality treatment while paying a fraction of the price of the original brand. Our pharmacy offers a wide selection of smart drugs at the most competitive prices on the market. To place an order, simply begin by adding the medication to your online cart.

How to Take Armodafinil

An armodafinil 150 mg tablet is taken via the oral route of administration. This medication should be taken with a drink of water. Sweetened or sugary beverages are not recommended for administration as these may affect the treatment’s effectiveness. In addition, you should use the medication at the most appropriate times, depending on the condition you are treating. For example, when using armodafinil for shift work, take the tablet one hour before starting your work session.

Likewise, if using the medicine for studying purposes, take the tablet about 60 minutes before beginning your study session. For ADHD and cognitive enhancement, use the medication toward the beginning of the day. The medication is equally as useful when taking the pill before or after eating. This is dependent on your personal preference. All of the information regarding the usage advice of this nootropic can be found in the medication guide of your treatment.

How Long Armodafinil Lasts

How long a medication lasts, is known as its duration of action. The duration of action of armodafinil 150 mg is about 15 hours. This treatment provides a prolonged duration of effectiveness, compared to other nootropics, which is especially significant when using armodafinil for enhanced cognitive function (a single dose will provide about fifteen hours of improved memory and focus).

However, the length of treatment effects will not be the same for every person using the medicine. People are made differently and therefore, experience the effects of a medication differently. Some may experience the effects of this medication for shorter durations, while others may receive the benefits for fifteen hours as indicated. In some cases, people may experience these effects for longer than the standard duration of action, according to armodafinil online reviews.

Is Armodafinil Safe?

For a medication to be deemed safe, it should be approved by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the executive agency responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the safe administration of medication. However, while the MHRA-approved uses of a treatment are important, off-label (non-MHRA-approved) uses are also considered to be safe; especially when the medicine is used according to the relevant dosage and usage instructions.

Armodafinil branded medication is safe for the treatment of shift work sleep disorder. The other uses of these medications are considered to be off-label but are also safe for patients (barring certain exceptions) and have been approved by the MHRA. The generic version of armodafinil brand name medication was also approved by the MHRA. This means the treatment is equally as safe as the original medicine, except it is considerably cheaper. For the brand name and generic medications to retain their safety profiles, these treatments should be used as directed.

Armodafinil Side Effects

Armodafinil side effects are not serious. They only appear in a few people using the nootropic and do not last for long. The adverse effects experienced with armodafinil branded medication are the same as those experienced with the generic equivalent. As they both contain the same active ingredient, the secondary effects of both these treatments are identical.

Side effects of these nootropics supplements include:

The side effects of this medication are mild in severity and temporary. They generally do not require any intervention as the symptoms often pass on their own. This occurs with continued use of the medication and typically within the first few weeks of treatment. However, if any of these symptoms are worrying to you; you can use effective management strategies to relieve the discomfort, such as everyday over-the-counter treatments and/ or simple home remedies.

The above-mentioned adverse effects are not a complete list of the secondary effects of this medication. For the complete list of the other potential side effects associated with armodafinil can be found in the patient information leaflet (PIL) available at our website.

Where to Buy Armodafinil Online

Armodafinil UK can be bought online through an internet pharmacy. This is an online establishment dedicated to providing medication through an entirely virtual platform (one that does not require any face-to-face interaction with a healthcare representative). Online pharmacies are the preferred methods of buying medication because they are associated with a range of advantages not offered by a traditional pharmacy, such as:

  • You can search through the range of medications within minutes by using the search feature on the website - this is unlike a traditional pharmacy, which requires you to physically search through the medications in the aisles when comparing them.
  • You have all-day access to an online pharmacy: walk-in establishments are restricted to specific trading hours and are not open for business on certain days. However, when buying armodafinil online patients often report that the convenience of shopping at any time (on any day) is one of the reasons they prefer internet pharmacies.
  • You do not need to travel to your local pharmacy: there are no travel expenses when buying online. All you need to do is connect to the internet and shop via your phone, laptop, PC, or tablet. Not only do you save on the cost of travel, but you also save on the time spent waiting in a queue at a physical pharmacy.

Above are only a few reasons to buy armodafinil generic medications through an online pharmacy such as ours, as opposed to visiting a walk-in pharmacy. When you purchase your medication through our online platform, you are also privy to additional benefits, such as discounts on bulk orders.

Before You Buy Armodafinil

Before you purchase armodafinil branded medication or the generic versions, certain precautions and warnings need to be considered. These are important because there are specific situations where the use of this medication may be unsafe and may require the discontinuation of treatment (or circumstances where the medication should be used with caution).

Before you use this nootropic, you should review the following precautions/ warnings:

  • The medication is not safe for those who are hypersensitive to any ingredients in the treatment. If you have previously used the tablet and experienced a rash, hives, or itchy skin; you should discontinue treatment. More severe expressions of an allergy are indicated by swelling of the mouth and throat and in these cases, you should seek medical attention immediately.
  • Women who are pregnant should not use this tablet. The medication is not proven safe during pregnancy. If you are breastfeeding, inform your medical practitioner before you begin treatment with this nootropic.
  • Armodafinil and alcohol should never be combined as it can result in breathing problems.
  • The medicine should be used with caution (or completely avoided in some instances) if you have blood pressure, cardiac, hepatic, or renal problems.
  • Treatment should be avoided if you currently have (or have a history of) depression, mania, bipolar disorder, or suicidal tendencies.

If you are unsure whether you are allowed to use this medication because of a certain medical condition, contact our online consultants who can assist. Alternatively, use our website to purchase generics of the most popular armodafinil brand name medication.

What are Sleep Aid Tablets

Buy Armodafinil UK Online

At our online pharmacy, we make shopping for smart drugs like armodafinil easy. We do away with the need for an appointment, consultation, or prescription. Orders can be placed at any time of the day or night from your home, via your phone, laptop, or mobile device. From our homepage, click on your medication of choice followed by the quantity. If you use armodafinil regularly you may be interested in utilizing our bulk buying scheme. 

To complete your order, you will be asked to provide a valid telephone number, email id, delivery address and preferred payment option. Our safe and secure payment choices include VISA, MasterCard and Bitcoin. Once payment has been completed customers can expect to receive an email. This email will include the order details, the estimated delivery date and the unconnected name that will appear on their bank statement.

When you order the best Nootropics from our pharmacy you can expect fast delivery of your order right to your front door. Orders arrive in as little as 2 days but the average delivery time is  4 – 7 working days. To ensure our clients expectations are met, our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions.

Order your choice of smart drugs including armodafinil UK and unlock your full potential.

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